We do it for the smiles

We really can't consider this work. We have too much fun at what we do for this to be a job. This is about making people happy. 

We have been doing event planning for almost a decade. We have planned events all across the country and internationally, but we have always called Charleston, our home. When it all began, most of our brides were from or live in West Virginia. We spent a lot of time traveling to other states to purchase wedding dresses.

Finally, we said "no more," and we opened The Boutique by B.Belle Events. And now, we serve brides from all corners of the world, far and wide.

The Experience Comes First

For us, its always been about creating an experience. There are many places across the country where you can go to buy your wedding or formal dress, but it is about more than just buying a dress. It is about having an experience. If you are in the market for a prom or wedding dress, it is a special moment for you. You are going to remember this event for the rest of your life. Why not create a memory when you are buying your dress? We treat every client like they are our only client. Come in, sit down, have a drink, relax and remember. It is all about you. 

At Your Service

Master Seamstress

Yes, Cecilia is our Master Seamstress. But frankly, that's an undersell. Fashion and custom designer extraordinare, she adds that joosh, that touch of style that brings everything together. 

Sales Manager

Who says you shouldn't mix family and business? Some people might not like having their mom-in-law Linda Sutton working with them everyday, but Belle and Linda wouldn't have it any other way. Linda provides the motherly love to all of our clients and makes sure we have every possible option covered. 

The B.Belle Events Staff

Angela, Anthony, Presston and Wafa are the people that make your events happen. When you see them around, make sure to smile and tell them thank you.

Belle Manjong, Owner

It has been a long journey, but Belle finally made West Virginia her home. Belle grew up living all around the world and she has brought those experiences to every one of her clients. She is always ready with a smile,  a cheerful greeting, a hug and comforting words. Belle's job is to please you and no one does it better!

We are all smiles

When a client is rendered absolutely speechless and has a twinkle in their eye, that’s when we know our work is done!
— Belle, Owner of The Boutique by B.Belle Events